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About Us

As many years as a smoker, I was drawn to the new methods of quiting smoking and tried various products such as nicorettes and patches. In 2013 I bought my first e-cig - it was ugly and very low power and the atomizer lasted about a week before breaking.

After looking on Google one day I found some high end products that looked amazing I instantly ordered my first mech mod and atomizer. I loved this new hobby and found all the different variables exciting and unique. After trying many different products I had found my niche in high end mods and rebuild able atomizers. After a lot of thinking and planning I decided that I wanted to start a vaping store like no other, a store that just offers high end mods and drippers and caters only for the elite vapers out there who are looking for the biggest clouds, the best flavor and the most power.

Boxmodkings was born a website like no other offering exceptional customer service, the best products and all authentic ! We like to support the manufacturers out there and see new exciting products being released so were proud to say no to clones !